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Archive for December, 2011


Get all information that Google knows about you

If you use a Google services, you should know that this company stores information about you and uses it to provide effective targeting advertisement programs.

You can get all information that Google knows about you in one place — Google Dashboard, which covers many products and services, including Gmail, Google , Docs, YouTube, Picasa, Maps and others.

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Clearing history and private data from your browser

When you visiting site, your browser is storing many information. There is a list of information categories which it’s store on your local drive:

  • Browsing history
  • History of downloads
  • Caching files (images, scripts, videos etc.)
  • Cookies and plug-in data
  • Saved passwords
  • Autofill form information

What If you need to clear all this stuff in minute? All you need is to know hot keys or path to menu item to get such result in your browser!
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Hotkeys for private browsing in all common browsers

These hotkeys are easy to remember!

So, in Google Chrome and Opera for opening new tab or window in private-mode , works “Ctrl + Shift + N

For Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox these hot keys are “Ctrl + Shift + P“.

That’s it!