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What is the right time for redesign?

Have you ever thought about life cycle of website design: from start point and to the next time for redesign, and after that, a few years later new redesign is coming and… it’s never-ending story. But what is the right time for redesign? Can we define average time of living of site without redesign?
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Photorealistic vs simple shapes

Photorealistic website design vs simple shapes

The battle between photorealistic website design vs simple lines is going on. The most beautiful examples of photorealistic design or skeumorphism are presented in the products of Apple company, some of them are presented in Microsoft operating system. But now mobile web is growing, and it has its own rules. Read moreRead more


Perfectionism, pros and cons

Perfectionism, pros and cons and optimal mood. If you have a target, it’s easier to get something done if this target is farther away than you can get, it’s increases your chances. Read moreRead more


Level of creativity in CV

You can write your CV by classic rules, the main rule is the absence of errors. Or you can write your CV in creative manner, and it’s will give you some bonus points from reviewer, if he will understand your creativity. Level of creativity in CV increases level of your chances. Read moreRead more


Beginning, continuing, finishing and their obstacles

Everything in our life has have three stages: beginning, continuing, finishing and their obstacles. Lengths of this stages are may vary, but it is all refers to any physical object. Read moreRead more