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Embedded YouTube video not playing

If you met the problem, that suddenly embedded on your site YouTube video is not playing on your mobile device, you can check few things before calling support of your resource.
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How to open last tab in chrome, firefox or internet explorer

How to open last tab in chrome, firefox or internet explorer?

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How to open closed tabs in browser

How to open recently closed tabs? Quick tip — use hot keys to resolve this problem. Modern browsers are using standard ‘de facto’ for opening recently closed tabs.
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How to disable multiple user mode in Google Chrome

You know how to enable multiple user mode in Chrome? If so, maybe you’ve created a second user, but now you don’t need him, and you didn’t know how to disable multiple user mode. It’s easy and it takes only two steps.

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Enable multi-user mode in Google Chrome Browser

If you want to enable multi-user mode in your Chrome, you should follow directions which I’ll provide below.

Please make sure that you have at least Google Chrome 16, you can find version when clicked to “About Google Chrome” item in main menu.  If you haven’t Google Chrome at least version 16, you can download it from here. Read moreRead more