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JavaScript for manipulation with CSS class names

Modern browsers are providing a support of read-only property which returns a live DOMTokenList of the class attributes of the element, which is element.classList, which is actually a list of CSS classes of element, also we have methods for making manipulation with CSS class names and getting their number.
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Parse URL JavaScript

Parsing of URL is an easy thing for any of web browser because it’s basic functionality. Instead of going deep into regular expressions for parsing of URL strings we can use the specific functionality of browser to achieve the same goals.
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Auto resize iframe based on content

What if you need to have an ‘iframe’ element on your page with height which depend on iframe’s content?
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Meaningful styles of messages in browser console

Messages in the console panel of a browser are really helpful for debugging of web applications. No reasons to outweigh the benefits of using these messages related to data or your code, they are obvious while you are working with it.
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Scalable buttons css

If you want to code in CSS absolutely scalable buttons, which will depend on the viewport, you can use a few CSS units, which are already supported by all modern browsers.

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