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March 31, 2013


Where to get free software


In the computer world software installation is a common practice. And time after time you can ask a question — where to get free software and its last versions?

Personally, I am using  a good service which is called FileHippo for getting a free software. There you can find last versions of most useful programs and utilities with links to websites of authors.

What are benefits of using a list of free software at FileHippo? The main benefit — you can get free and most useful software in two clicks! The first one — for choosing type of free software. The second is a click on the “Download Latest Version” link.

As you can see on the main page, the most popular categories and the most popular software are presented in very friendly manner.

Let’s take a look at the main categories of free software, that you can get on this resource.

For me the most popular categories of free software are:

Every page of these categories is a place where you can get the most popular free software.

I want to share what software from these categories I get from this site time after time.

To play video I’m choosing K-Lite Codec Pack with Media Player Classic, it has a lot of codecs and can play almost all video formats. To create or open image of DVD, you can find the latest version of DAEMON Tools Lite.

If you write some code or have knowledge of html or simply want to replace default notepad program, you can find free Notepad++, which has a lot of features and abilities to work with simple text files or files with some code.

For a comfortable browsing of photos or any other graphic images in different formats, including vector graphic, you can use free FastStone Image Viewer. In this software, you can also make simple edits of viewed graphics and convert images to many different types.

Of course, this site represents a big list of other free software, including Skype, all popular browsers, CCleaner,  Adobe Reader and many other programs.

  • manonyme

    Hey, thankx for sharing such really good information…However, I’m not clear on which browser is the safest? (relatively speaking)
    Specifically, with regard to the Java and Flash issues…

    • alekskorovin

      Hey, I think it’s currently IE10 or IE11 are the safest browsers, after that – it’s Chrome and others (Firefox, Safari)

      • manonyme

        Wow…I never would have imagined IE to make the list given all the recent warnings, but I’ve grown accustomed to Chrome and Fox… Thankx for the advice.

        • alekskorovin

          No problem!