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Meaningful styles of messages in browser console

Messages in the console panel of a browser are really helpful for debugging of web applications. No reasons to outweigh the benefits of using these messages related to data or your code, they are obvious while you are working with it.
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Reset of Placeholder text behaviour and color

In HTML5 exists an interesting attribute, which is defined to set temporary text in input fields of web-forms. It’s a “placeholder” attribute. Interesting thing, that behaviour of the input text field with this attribute can be different in a different browsers, also a color of this text may vary depending of browser.

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How to open last tab in chrome, firefox or internet explorer

How to open last tab in chrome, firefox or internet explorer?

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Battle of sites with famous names – part I (responsive vs fixed, html5 vs html4)

Now several trends are popular in web-development. They are responsive web design, html5 and css3.

Today let’s compare sites of top companies looking through prism of first two trends: responsive web design  and html5.

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Enable multi-user mode in Google Chrome Browser

If you want to enable multi-user mode in your Chrome, you should follow directions which I’ll provide below.

Please make sure that you have at least Google Chrome 16, you can find version when clicked to “About Google Chrome” item in main menu.  If you haven’t Google Chrome at least version 16, you can download it from here. Read moreRead more