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July 5, 2015

How to make photos lighter

How to make photos lighter

Sometimes we need to make photos, which were taken by DSLR camera or just smartphone lighter, so it can be used easily on the web.

In this case, we can use any online service which will make your photo lighter.

Some of such services which are tools for resolving question of how to make photos lighter are:

  • – Here you can upload your image and press button ‘Download all’ below the thumbnails.
  • – Upload your image by dragging or clicking on area and then click ‘download’ link.

You can use service. After uploading your image or photo, just click ‘Expand’ button to make a selection to a whole image, then ‘Crop’ button and ‘Download’ to download compressed image.

You can have a more compressed image, if you will set the level of compression under ‘New quality:’ slider. By default it has level 72, but you can use a lower value, by dragging holder to the left. Such default compression (72) can give you about 75%-80%. Lower value on slider – lower quality of your image, more compressed file you will have.