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October 13, 2012

Battle of sites with famous names – part I (responsive vs fixed, html5 vs html4)


Now several trends are popular in web-development. They are responsive web design, html5 and css3.

Today let’s compare sites of top companies looking through prism of first two trends: responsive web design  and html5. of selected companies has their own browsers, e.g. Mozilla with Firefox, Opera with the browser with similar name, Google with Chrome and Microsoft with Internet Explorer. Probably these companies should use actual trends because they define enhancements of using new web technologies in the whole world. But is it really so?

This is our full list of companies:

Let’s start  comparison  with focus on our criteria.

Responsive web design

Site of Mozilla has responsive features and looks ready for our test.
mozilla responsive site

Main page of has fixed layout and doesn’t has responsive features.
opera fixed site has clever responsive design and looks great!
microsoft responsive site and  both have fixed  layout.
google fixed layout
chromeexperiments fixed layout has the same  issue.
apple fixed layout looks like previous site.
hp fixed layout

Samsung has fixed layout, too.
samsung site fixed layout

After previous tests,  fixed layout of Nokia site is not a surprise.
nokia site fixed layout


So the winners of this trend are: and, they both use responsive design


The simplest way to check which version of  html is used  in coding site, is to look at first lines of source code of pages. If site is using html5 we will see it’s doctype: “<!doctype html>”.

Site of Mozilla has doctype of htm5 .
mozilla html5 doctype has modern doctype too!
html5 doctype of opera site with no doubts using html5 doctype!
microsoft site has html5 doctype has… surprise! This site has doctype of html4  Strict. It  is strange if you know that this site is a collection of most cool experiments with new technologies. So the question is WHY they use old doctype on this cool project??
chromeexperiments site has old doctype  has html5 doctype, that’s good.
site of Google has html5 doctype likes this trend too!
Apple site has doctype html5

HP has cool doctype, yeah.
HP site has doctype html5

Samsung has old Transitional html4 doctype. Well, I think it’s time to make redesign!
Samsung site has old doctype

Site of Nokia is in our trend!
site of Nokia has html5 doctype

Here our winners are almost all companies: Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Nokia, Google. Redesign is waiting for Samsung and project ChromeExperiments.


Having done our little research  we see  that the most trendy companies today are Mozilla and Microsoft, while other companies should work further on their own sites. Especially site of Samsung  is waiting for being updated.