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September 30, 2012

Looking for young, mobile & responsive web design with knowledge of html5 language


Today clients are looking for young, mobile & responsive web design with knowledge of html5 language. Why? Because size of  mobile market is really matter.

Wide spreading of smartphones, entails a growing and spreading of new technologies: touch screen, html5, responsive design. Now for engineers, actual task is how to better work with touch events. Web developers are interested in supported html5/css3 features in browsers. Trend of  web design is a responsive design, which offers the user at all resolutions best layout of elements of web page.

At first let’s take a look at infographics with explanation of How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work.

How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work

At last 3 years a bunch of mobile devices with touch screens were produced, and it’s only beginning.

Clients who have iPad or android tablet, are often requests to add supports of tablet in their current site. And sometimes, this task is a real challenge for web developers. Design of modern site should looks good at every screen of users. The answer is to use different layouts models for the same content and CMS. Good decision is using of CSS3 media queries, which works almost in all mobile browsers. So what we have today? We have at least 4 versions of design of same page for different screen resolutions.

Typically it’s can be looks like this:

Responsive Web Design

What about more complex functionality of site, which is not only about screen resolutions? Well, actually HTML5 technology is only growing now. This technology isn’t so stable now, that you can develop anything you wish in web.

Short overview of HTML5: Past, Present, Future:

HTML5: Past, Present, Future